Points Table Explained Elliott Davis London Cricket League

Points are automatically generated when a score sheet is entered by EDLCL.

*Premier Division entries (Team, bowling and batting points) are displayed as red and Champions Division are displayed as orange.

Here is the formula,

Team Point:

Premier Division: Considering Premier Division is tougher than Champions Division, a team winning Premier Division league match is awarded 35 points. A losing team gets 5. Each team gets 15 in case of a tie.

Champions Division: A team winning Champions Division league match gets 25 and losing team gets 5.

T20 and Knockout: Because the knockout tournaments are played between all the team so a winning team gets 35, losing team gets 5. In Semi Finals a winning team gets 40 and losing team gets 10 points. Similarly 50 points for a Finals winner, runner-up gets 15.

Batting Points

Both Premier and Champions Division batsmen gets similar points.

It is 1 point for each run scored and 5 bonus points for reaching a 25 run milestone. For example if a batsman score 100 in a match, he will be awarded 100 + 20 bonus points.

Bowling Points:

Both Premier and Champions Division bowlers gets similar points.

If a bowler takes 1 wicket he gets 10 points and on every 3 wickets in a single match he will get 10 points bonus.

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