INDOOR Season 2013/14 Rules & Format

1.         Eight aside per team (Minimum Six players can play)

2.         Eight overs per innings

3.         General Rules
a) 10 minutes toss time before due start of the fixture (Minimum six players must be present in uniform).            
b) Failing to do this, toss will be awarded to your opposition prior they have enough players ready to play.            
c) £40 must be paid to the Umpire before the game starts.                                                                                       
d) All fixtures will be in coloured uniforms, if player does not have uniform, he will not be eligible to play.           
e) You are allowed to start the match with a minimum of six players in correct uniform.                                        
f) Any delays from teams, their will be a deduction of one over every four minutes.                                              
g) If the match does not start 16 minutes from the due start time, match will be awarded to opposition.               
h) Team(s) do not fulfil their fixture, their will be a fine of £70 to be paid to the league.                                        
i) Only under extraordinary circumstances the committee will look to re-schedule the fixture.
j) A player can only play for one team in this tournament and that will be the first team he plays in.

4.         Scoring zones and rules for batsmen are:                                                                                                                   
a) If the batsman hits the ball against the side wall/net, 1 run will be awarded.                                                       
b) If the batsman hit the ball against the back wall/net, 1 run will be awarded.                                                       
c) If the bowler delivers the ball and hits the back wall/net, 1 run will be awarded.                                                
d) Any complete run from the batsmen (running between the wickets), 2 runs will be awarded.                            
e) If the batsman hits the ball against the opposite line without defecting the side walls will be 4 or 6 runs.           
f) If the ball is out of reach, common sense will prevail where batsmen only allowed to run once.                         
g) Individual batsman to retire after scoring 25 and can return once all other team players have batted.                 
h) Last man stand rules will apply, once all other batsmen are dismissed.                
i) It is batting team's responsibility to mark batsman score. Umpire can override the team scoring individual runs and retire him if he has any doubts of batsman scoring 25 or more.                                    

5.         Fielding side are to do the following:                                                                                                                        
a) Two bowlers to bowl a maximum of two overs.                                                                                                   
b) Other bowlers can bowl a maximum of one over.                                                                                                 
c) All no balls and wide balls to be given as 2 runs no extra balls so 6 balls per over                                               
d) Only last over of each innings, no balls and wide balls are to be bowled again includes 2 extra runs.                
e) Two over waist height no balls will result in bowler being taken off for the game.                                              
f)  No LBW rule.                                                                                                                                                        
g) Normal run out and stumping will stand as normal cricket rules.                                                                        
h) No overthrow runs will be awarded if impacting any of the walls, batsman have option to run extra.                
i)  Batsman can be caught out as normal cricket rules.                                                                                               
j)  No batsman can be caught out off the walls or ceiling. 
i)  if a bowler bowls 3 wides in an over then batting team will be awarded 10 extra runs.

6.         Points System are awarded:     

Batting Points Bowling Points Result Points
25 Runs = 1 Point 2 wickets = 1 point Win = 10 Points
50 Runs = 2 Points 4 wickets = 2 points Draw = 5 Points
75 Runs = 3 Points 6 wickets = 3 Points Loss = 0 Points
100 Runs = 4 Points 7 wickets = 4 Points  
125+ Runs = 5 Points 8 wickets/All out - 5 Points