Rules - Elliott Davis London Cricket League

Important Notice:


Please note an amendment to rule 13 ( E ) 
player arriving late ( 30 minutes cut off time is FROM THE AGREED TIME OF START OF THE MATCH AND NOT FIRST BALL BEING BOWLED.) 

Rules - Elliott Davis London Cricket League

1. Matches

Each club to play their matches as arranged by the  League. First named club shall be the home club. Any changes in fixtures must be confirmed in writing between the competing clubs and shall be subject to the League Fixture Secretary's approval.

Every League match will be of forty over's, unless it has been reduced by the umpire due to the bad weather.  

2. Results

The method of rewarding points shall be as follows:









BATING FOR EVERY 25 RUNS                 


 3. Duckworth Lewis Rule 

Any game played less than 20 Over's is redeemed to abandoned match

40 over's match, if second inning not complete because of bad light or rain or any other reason ,after 20 over's result will be according to Duckworth Lewis method, but if second inning below 20 over's the Match will be abandoned and both teams will get 15 points each.

T/20 match ,same rule apply as above but instead of 20 over's it will Be 10 over's

4. Fielding

40 over match :only 2 players outside the circle for the first 10 overs ,then minimum 4 Inside the circle rest of the inning. If the  team have only 9 players no one is allowed outside the circle and if they Have 10 players only one is allowed outside the circle

35/40 over's game 10 over's restriction

30/34 over's game 8 over's restriction

25/29 over's game 6 over's restriction

T/20: Only 2 players out  side the circle for the first 6 over's, then minimum 4 players inside the circle

If team have only 9 players no one is allowed outside the circle and if they Have 10 players only one is allowed outside the circle

16/20 over game 6 over's restriction

10/15 over's game 4 over's restriction

Less than 10 over's no game


5. No Ball

A:  ALL KIND OF NO BALL GIVEN BY FRONT UMPIRE  will be free hit(league ,cup &T/20)

B: bowlers colliding with the stumps at the non-striker's end during the act of delivery.

 6. Handling the Ball

Batsman can handle the ball with the permission of the fielders, but can be given out if handles without the permission.

7. Tie League Game

In the case of league game, should a game finish in a TIE score,will Considered a TIE match and both teams will get 15 points each.

8. Tie Cup Competition & T/20 Game

In the case of Cup-Competitions and T/20, should a game finish in A TIE score, the winners will be with the loss of lesser wickets. If the result still being equal ,then SUPER OVER.

9. Forfeited

Any team that forfeits two matches in a season .. will loose all league points earned up to that date and will NOT be allowed  to participate in knock out or 20/20 matches

Match cancelled or any side failing to turn up for the game without any prior written notice till Mid-day Thursday proceeding the match day: Offending Side .....GETS 10 POINTS Deducted Plus £50 - fine by league .Opponents ...........GETS 25 POINTS.

If forfeit the match by Thursday, Offending side will get 0 point and Opponent wil get 25 points,No cash fine to the offending side if match is cancelled with written notice to the league and to the opposition before the Thursday deadline.

if the match is forfeited or cancelled by any other reason while the two sides reached the ground whether play took place on the day or not. In the event of a match being cancelled or abandoned due to the weather, each side gets 15 points. If the match is abandoned due to rain after the play is started ,Both teams will get 15 points.

Individual League matches are not allowed to be re-scheduled.

10. Unprepared Or Unfit Ground

In such case, the visiting side will be awarded with 25 points. Home side can avoid penalty of 10 points if they can produce a written ground booking confirmation in the club's name from the relevant authority within 72 hours. Failing to provide written proof, the home side will be penalized by 10 points. The declaration of the ground being unfit can only be made by the UMPIRE under RULE 3.8 & 3.9 (2010 ) light or weather ( the old arrangement of the Captains agreeing to play is no longer in force. ).

11. Boundary Flags & Leg Umpire Coats, Scoreboard

It is compulsory for the Home Team to provide the above items. Failure to provide them shall be subject to deduction of 2 penalty points.


12. Match Balls 

All clubs must note that the match (League ,Cup& T/20) can only be played with cricket balls bearing the "logo” authorised by the league. These balls are to be purchased from the league and are to be provided to the umpire by the visiting team. Failure to provide two correct balls will result visiting side forfeiting the match.

13. Match Conditions

Captain at the time of toss should be in full playing kit and at least 9 team members to be available for inspection by Umpire.

a) For a match to start, both teams must have a minimum of 9 qualifying registered players and captain should be in full kit, FAILURES TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN THE OFFENDING CLUB FOR FORFEITING THE TOSS.


b) All matches must start by 1.00 p.m. and not after 1.30 p.m. unless the start is delayed due to the bad weather, whereby the match is to be reduced accordingly. A team that is late will have its batting time reduced by one over for every Four minutes of lateness or part thereof the maximum number is Eight Over's by 1.30 p.m. The lateness of a team is determined from 1 p.m. or pre-arranged start time till the position of readiness to play (full kits) and not when a team arrives at the ground or begins changing. Any team arriving later than 12.45p.m automatically forfeits the Toss. If both teams arrive later than 12.45p.m then first arriving team wins the toss.

c) Once 1.30 p.m. is clocked and one of the teams is late, the match will be awarded to the team present. The umpire is to check that the team present have the required minimum of 9 players fully dressed in kits ready to go on the field. In the event of they are being less than nine players match will be considered as cancelled and both teams losing 10 points. Both teams to report to the Umpire 15 Minutes before the agreed start time and submit him a full list of qualifying registered players with photo,


d) If both teams are late then a match must be reduced accordingly, if both teams arrive later than 1.30p.m. The match must be cancelled, with both teams losing 10 points. This cannot be overruled under any circumstances. However, the full payment to the umpire shall become payable by both teams.

e)  player arriving late ( 30 minutes cut off time is FROM THE AGREED TIME OF START OF THE MATCH AND NOT FIRST BALL BEING BOWLED.)

f) In the event of a player arriving late , the 12th man may take the field for up to 30 minutes from the schedule starting time of the play provided the Umpire has been notified of the substitution before the start of the play , after such time no changes to the playing side can be made and 12th man can only field . THIS APPLIES TO BOTH TEAMS AND CANNOT BE OVER RULED.



14. Duration of Match

a) The normal duration of a League and Knock out  match is 40 Over's.

b) ) In a normal match, all innings should be completed in 40 over's or by 3.40 p.m. whichever comes first. Hence, a full 40 over's  inning shall last 2 hours 40 minutes (Including drinks break if any).

c) In the event of slow over rate by the team bowling first ONE over per four minutes late will be deducted , the team bowling   second 5 RUNS per over will be deducted from their actual SCORE. Thus reducing the target. (e.g. team batted first and bowling second scored 200 runs in their innings but bowls three over's short in their allocated time the target will be reduced by 15 runs to 185.) Therefore, the team batting second has only 186 to win within the over's allocated after penalty over's deducted. Should the side batting second waste time through foul tactics such as frequent pads and bats changing, water breaks and extra runners etc, the umpire will use his discretion to add further time to bowling time to make up the lost time through foul means. All sincere efforts must be made to complete the match if the bad weather factor does not interfere in which case the umpire has the final say.

d) Maximum amount of over's per bowler is 8 for League or Knockout fixture. If the game is played with reduced over's then the over's per bowler are reduced accordingly. For 20/20 maximum over's by any bowler is 4. 

15. Umpires

a) HOME TEAMS have to contact the umpires by Thursday ,failure to do this will result -3 points

b) On a match day it is the responsibility of the home captains to make contact with the match umpire and to inform him of any problems or potential problems before the match commences.

c) If a league umpire is present, each captain must supply him with a list of players with their pictures by 12.45 p.m. and At the time of toss Captain should be in Full kit. Captain at the time of toss should be in full playing kit and at least 9 team members to be available for inspection by Umpire FAILURES TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN THE OFFENDING CLUB FOR FORFEITING THE TOSS.

d) In the event no league Umpire is in attendance . The batting team to supply two  Members of the batting side may umpire.

e) It is the responsibility of both captains to collect the umpire's fee as directed by the league committee. If a club fails to pay its portion they will be fined and charged any costs incurred. PAYMENT TO THE UMPIRES MUST BE MADE AT TIME OF TOSS.

f) Its umpires responsibility to notify the League if a team does NOT produce a team sheet

g) Dissent in whatever form directed at umpires will not be tolerated and will be severely dealt with by the committee.

h) Team captain must not leg umpire.

16. Notification of Results & Cash Fine

a) All team captains are required to text the result of the match to League’s General Secretary        Zia Qaisrani and vice chairman Waseem Raza by 9pm on the match day. Any team texting the results after 9pm will result in getting -2 points. The number to text is:

Zia: 07944 324 235 Waseem 07505377906

It would enable him to prepare summary of results in time to include into the weekly circular (email) and update the points table.

b) In addition, all teams are required to email their score sheet to vice-chairman Waseem Raza by every Wednesday 5pm (full name of the players and their batting & bowling stats) Failing to send your score sheet will result -3 points for each score sheet.

 17. Declaration of League

The winner of any division shall be the side with the most points on the completion of the league programme. In the event of more than one side with same number of points, the winner shall be the side with the greater number of wins. In the event of the sides still remaining equal, the winner shall be the side with the least number of defeats. In the event of the sides remaining equal, the winner shall be the side with highest batting run rate per over for the whole season.

18. Promotions & Relegations

The top two sides in Division-1 and Division-2 will replace the two bottom sides in the division above in the subsequent season. However, this rule is subject to change, should the league management committee decide otherwise to increase the number of divisions and enhance their strength. In the event of any side in the division two and three becoming A JOINT WINNERS OF THE CUP & THEIR DIVISION will qualify them to be promoted to the first division. In which case only one side from Division Two will be promoted to Division One.

19. Players 

a) PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SEASON , Each Club can register maximum of 25 players with their      ( PORTRAIT ) Photo for the season including 3 PROFESSIONAL classified ( see below ) Players . Any Players without photos will not be allowed to participate in any game of the season. These photographs should be recent and recognisable in order to avoid dispute over identification.

 NOTE: 3 PROFESSIONAL can play league games and Knock out butt no professional is allowed to play in T/20 games.


b) There will be a window for registering/de-registering the players, window to register or deregister a Players will remain throughout season with following ..

a)  There will be cooling period of two weeks for new registration  ( clear 2 Sundays )but deregistration will be with immediate effect, registering or deregistering is free before the start of the season, after the season starts each entry will cost £10.00.(register £10.00/deregister £10.00).

 No changes to be made in last 5 matches.

c) A qualifying registered player may only play for one club in any one season, unless he has been released from registration of current club and then registered by the other club,(player can change his club only one time in any one season)

d) if any player played Cup game or T/20 game from a club and after that he wants to go to

different club, he can only play League games(cup tied rule)

E) Any U K resident either British /Leave to remain/Spouse visa/ Long term Student /or Long term Asylums will be considered as LOCAL

F) Any foreign players who has not played Test Cricket  ,One Day International ,T/20 International ,First Class, Department, Domestic Cricket ,County Cricket ,within last two years will be allowed to play as LOCAL.

20. Penalty For Un-Qualifying Or Registered Players

All clubs to carry a list of their opponent’s players and identify each player before the match has commenced. The team sheets must be checked before start of game and if there is any objection then it must be raised their and then with the umpire and two captains ,and can make a written complaint within five days after the match ,after five days no complaint will be entertained.

Any team who dishonestly changes players during the match after the 11 marked players checked by the umpire will be forfeited the result with -10 points and captain of the day will be banned for up to 3 matches ,opposition will gain 25 points .in Cup game or T/20Match will be awarded to the Opponents

21. Captains Responsibility

On the match day, it is captain’s responsibility to assist and control his team member’s behaviour. The league strongly advise the captain  not to take part in umpiring (Leg or Main). If there is an issue during the match while the captain of the offending team is umpiring, then based on to Umpires report, captain of the offending team may be penalised. This can result in suspended players (including captains) and -5 points.

22.Young player's Safety Directive

The E.C.B. Helmet Safety Directives for the young players up to the age of 18 years will apply to all matches in the league and cup competitions of the championships. Captains are required to ensure that young players wear a helmet and other safety gear when batting and when standing up to the stumps to keep wickets.

23. Misconduct

The League condemns all violence or verbal abuse on or off the field, between any club members (own or opposition), towards umpires or involving scorers and supporters. In the event of such misconduct the League Committee shall not hesitate in taking serious action as it sees fit.

24. ANNUAL Presentation Ceremony / Dinner

Each club must be represented by at least 6 players at the ceremony at a subsidised rate.

25. Annual Subscriptions

If payment is not made to the league before the season commences, the offending club will lose their deposits and place in the league hence the league will forfeit all their games.

26. Child Protection

Elliot Davis London Cricket League fully recognizes its responsibilities for child protection. Our policy applies to all players, coaches and volunteers working with the club. These are the main elements to our policy.

• The welfare of the child is paramount.

• All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs and or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse.

• All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

• All staff (paid and unpaid) working with the league have the responsibility to report concerns to the appropriate officer.

27. Policy Statement

Elliot Davis London Cricket League has a duty of care to safeguard all children involved in our training programme from harm. All children have the right to protection, and the needs of disabled children and others who may be particularly vulnerable must be taken into account. EDLCL will ensure the safety and protection of all children involved in our training scheme through adherence to the child protection guidelines adopted by the English Cricket board.

A child is defined as a person under the age of 18 (The children’s act 1989).

The aims of the Elliot Davis London Cricket League child protection policy are to promote good practice:

• Providing children with the appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of the club.

• Allowing all staff/volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues.

Promoting good practice

Child abuse, particularly sexual abuse, can arouse strong emotions in those facing such a situation. It is important to understand these feelings and not allow them to interfere with your judgement about the appropriate action to take.

When the child enters the league having been subjected to child abuse outside the sporting environment, sport can play a crucial role in improving the child's self- esteem. In such instances the club must work with the appropriate agencies to ensure the child receives the required support.

28: Respect for Cricket

Last but not least, all the teams should respect their opponent, respect the umpires and all his decisions and most of all, respect cricket, as it is a gentleman’s game.

NOTE: Any further rules need to be added  or amended will be decided by  Committee members.

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